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stop oikawa tooru


if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you

Official Free! Eternal Summer Dub Cast


Haruka Nanase- Flipper the Dolphin

Makoto Tachibana- Orlando Bloom

Rin Matsuoka-  Bryce Papenbrook

Nagisa Hazuki- Kanye West

Rei Ryugazaki- Vic Mignogna

Sosuke Yamazaki- Snoop Dogg

Aiichiro Nitori- Danny DeVito

Momotarou Mikoshiba- Chris Hemsworth 

Gou Matsuoka- Kim Kardashian 

Seijurou Mikoshiba- Robert Downey Jr.


iwaizumi’s entire gallery is just oikawa’s selfies


iwaizumi’s entire gallery is just oikawa’s selfies


artenon wrote a beautiful kurotsuki fic, which can be read here or on ao3 and i loved every word. (please please, if you care for kurotsuki the tiniest bit, read it!!)

i drew a few of my favourite scenes, so they’re all very random and mostly not connected to each other…. tbh i would’ve drawn more but this took long enough and i had to stop at some point lol;;;


No one can stop me

(I spent all yesterday doing this and all this day trying to post it jfc, this is how giving birth should feel I am so proud of myself wtf)